Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I should be cleaning my house

I kept waiting to post on the blog because I always felt that I needed a new update on the adoption to justify posting on a blog that is mainly about our adoption process. Well, there is no real adoption update and really hasn't been in awhile. But I figured I might as well write on here anyway even if it's not necessarily about adoption. So instead you'll get to hear about my ramblings of life lately :)

As for the adoption stuff, we are still just chilling on the wait list. We got on in September which means we've roughly been waiting 7 months now. In November, we got a remorseful email from our adoption agency stating that due to recent trends the wait time for children is now at least 24 months. I read the email, felt as though I needed to be upset, but I couldn't seem to get upset that the wait time was now longer. I had an overwhelming peace about just knowing that this process and journey has always been in God's timing. There was nothing we could do. There is such a peace about that. I forwarded the email to Brandon, curious to how he'd react to the longer wait time. He was positive and felt the same way. We have been gifted with this season of life where we do not have kids. We can enjoy little last minute getaways, sleep in, date nights... We will gladly give all of this up as soon as we have kids but we understand that life isn't going to "start" when we have kids. We want to be joyful and productive in every season. We are thankful for where we are at and how God continues to shape us during this time. Everyday I am amazed that God blessed me with Brandon who is enjoying this journey with me!

It's been cool to see how God continues to be in every detail of our life and brings a long encouragement, especially with adoption. Few examples: I was working and a customer came in and she had a similar Africa necklace to the one I have. I commented on it and we started chatting about the ministry and adoption that she has in Ethiopia. Ha the line forming behind her wasn't very happy that we were talking but it truly made my day! Also, we recently got connected with a new couple that just moved to the valley who have adopted two kids from Ethiopia. Upon further talking and meeting with them, they used the same agency that we are using. It was really cool to see pictures of their trips, meet their kids, and hear their stories. Maybe one day we can come along side others that will also journey through adoption :)

Since we haven't adopted yet, some of our paperwork needs to be renewed this summer. So during Brandon's summer vacation, we get to take trips but also work with our social worker to update our stuff.

Hmmm, not much else has been going on here. Just enjoying life :)
Brandon has been enjoying his new job at Northwest Christian School. It's had to compare his previous job at the church pastoring to teaching at the school. They are very different. He is working hard and loving the relationships he is building there through teaching as well as coaching (during all 3 seasons of sports). As for me, I was quite surprised at how hard it would be for me in the job adjustment. When Brandon was at the church, I did a lot to partner with him in the ministry. It was OUR ministry together. Now that Brandon is at the school, it's HIS ministry. I very much feel called to ministry and love investing in people. So, I am just trying to figure out where my ministry is now. I have just tried to continue my relationships with others and use that as my ministry. Work is also my ministry. But just trying to figure out if there is something more at the church I should be plugged into. Also, for so long I worked part time at Starbucks so I could have the flexible schedule to be able to do youth ministry with Brandon. Now that he is no longer doing that, I don't really have to be in that position anymore. So, I am just trying to also figure out what my job looks like as well. But through the whole transition and refiguring out our day to day life, we are trying to be purposeful & have joy and allow God to use us in all we do.

Through my study of Genesis and the life of Joseph that I have been doing with BSF, I just love being encouraged by the fact that God is in every detail of our lives. I love the point that I heard last week that God isn't striving for our happiness or pursuit of happiness, but He is working to achieve spiritual greatness in our lives through all we go through. One day when we get to have kids, I hope to keep that goal in mind to raise our kids for spiritual greatness and not just to always be trying to make them happy and give into all that they want.

Thank you again for your continued prayers and questions. I love knowing that you guys haven't given up on our journey to get kids. We sure hope that we get more than one child and I love that so many of you share with us how you still pray for multiples for us! We are truly blessed to have you all as our community. (Now I should go clean my house....)