Thursday, March 1, 2012


Yay! Finally an update! Brandon and I found out Monday that we got our certification on our home study!! Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us that the home study would get approved. So this means that we can move on! So pretty much we just have to do/collect like 2 more things to officially be finished with all of the documents for the dossier. The dossier will include all of our notarized original documents (i.e. medical exams, work verifications, police clearances, reference letters, proof of insurances...) and our certified home study. All of that will get sent to our adoption agency's home office and get translated and submitted to Ethiopia. Once this happens we will than wait again and for awhile. We are selfishly praying that we won't have to wait too long to receive a referral for a child or children. It could be anywhere between 10-18 months from once our dossier is submitted to receive a referral. We're definitely hoping that it won't be even 10 month... :) But no matter what, it's all in God's timing and we're good with whatever He wants for us!

We have a few fundraising things happening ahead:

Garage Sale - Friday, March 23rd & Saturday the 24th, 2012
It will be at the Nowatzkis house. If you have anything that you'd love to donate to the garage sale, let me know! All of the proceeds of the garage sale will go to our adoption process.

Party with a Purpose- Premiere Jewelry Party- Thursday, April 5th, 2012
We will be having a Premiere Jewelry party with Karen McMahon at her house. All of the proceeds of all the jewelry you buy, go to our adoption process. Save the date! If you'd love to buy stuff and not be able to come, let me know and you can order stuff and it will still go to our adoption. So come buy and party with a purpose :)

We are still selling our shirts! They are $20 a piece. Buy one!

Thank you all again for your excitement, prayer and support for us through this process! We're so blessed to have you all around us through each step. Hopefully, we'll all get to meet our kids... soon! Keep praying!

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